About John Kyle and Rock Star Path

John Kyle

 Helping people become music artists and awesome human beings has become my life’s mission.

My name is John Kyle, and I'm a music artist. I've always known I was put here to make music, but for most of my life I never allowed myself to actually live as a music artist. I had many reasons, many excuses, and played it safe. Until I almost went crazy.

At last, I made a life-changing declaration: I am a rock star.

And everything fell into place. I haven't been this happy since I was 7 years old. I'll tell you more about myself and my journey in the Rock Star Path - Guide Posts blog and newsletter. 

I created Rock Star Path to share my experience and knowledge, and offer guidance to those who also choose (or want to) the path of the artist, the creative, the awesome, the rock star. I want to help you make it.

All the best,

– John Kyle