Believe In Yourself

Freddie Mercury

I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons, and if I had only one thing to tell you, it’s this: Before you take another step, before you do anything else, stop.

Do you know exactly who you want to be?

There are really only two reasons Rock Stars are up on stage, or in your earbuds, and everyone else is watching and listening. And despite what we’ve all been led to believe, neither of them is luck.

Real Rock Stars don’t want to be Rock Stars. we need to be Rock Stars. We can’t settle for less, so we won’t let anything stop us. Not family, critics, and especially not our own fears and doubts.

And not only do we need to be Rock Stars, but we believe we can do it.

What you are witnessing when you see or hear an amazing live or recorded performance is simply someone believing in themselves!

What makes you believe in yourself? It’s like anything else – you believe in things you have discovered and observed.

To make your dreams real, you have to clearly see your vision of WHO you want to be.

I want you to spend some time getting crystal clear on who you want to be. Not who anyone else wants you to be, or who you think you need to be so that other people will like you. I want you to go deep, and imagine the self you’ve always wanted to be, the self you wish you were.

Imagine how you’d feel more than how you’d look. You’ll know you find this inner self when the vision makes you feel exhilarated, peaceful and awesome at the same time. This self is not an impossible dream – it’s the opposite. It’s your true self.

Once we’ve found and seen our true self clearly, it’s easy to believe in ourselves. We simply know it’s true – we know who we really are. Then we can begin allowing our true self to become who we are in the world. It’s a transformation, and it takes some practice to learn to act authentically, without letting fear and doubt control us anymore.

Circumstances will cause us to forget who we are, but when we become aware we’ve forgotten, we bring ourselves back to that clear vision. Then, we forgive ourselves for forgetting. We always forgive ourselves, other people, and present circumstances. We know it’s all going to be OK.

Our minds are wired to fear and doubt – it’s an animal survival instinct. Our true self will recognize and appreciate this, and not let it overwhelm us. It’s there, but we do great things anyway. We believe in ourselves, and we feel awesome.

Thus, in the face of potentially terrifying and paralyzing situations, we are able to act heroically. When self-limiting thoughts and beliefs rise in our minds, we simply replace them with empowering ones. We act as if we already are who we want to be, and then we are.

We help defeat fear and doubt by coming totally prepared. We practice our instruments and our performance. When we take the stage or hit “record,” we know we are awesome – and more importantly, that our audience is awesome – and we don’t let them forget it.

A very small number of people have the ability to express themselves through music. Only a tiny percentage of these have a burning need to lead and grow a tribe. (And that’s great. We need that vast majority to watch, to listen, to become fans.) Of those called to lead, only a few truly know and believe in themselves.

Your primary mission as a Rock Star is to connect with your audience, to move and inspire as many people as possible. Those who are moved and inspired, those who resonate with your music and message, will become fans. The ones you connect with most deeply will join your tribe as “super-fans.” These are the most important people in the world.

Abundance flows back to you in measures determined by how much value you give to your fans. In other words, how much you help them. Think about how your music and your message helps people. Do you help lonely people realize they are not alone? Do you help people chill out and have a good time? Do you help people wake up and change the world? Do you help warm people’s hearts? You may not see it yet, but your music does help people. It will become clear the more you ponder this.

A real Rock Star is an awesome human being whose guiding impulse, above seeking fame and fortune, is to help others.

Here’s a cosmic perspective: The Earth is the third rock. A star is a brilliant, burning light shining through the darkness, a light that leads, inspires, and even makes dreams come true.

I want you to be a real Rock Star.​ I want you to find your light, your gift. And let it shine. OUTWARD. Stop focusing on yourself. Focus instead on those who need what you have to give. This is not easy. It’s very scary at first, and will always be a little scary.

But you need to do it.

You were born with a gift to give. The world NEEDS your gift.

Believe in yourself. For all of us.

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John Kyle

Hi, I'm John Kyle, an independent music artist finding my way on the Rock Star Path. I originally started this site to be another one of those marketing sites disguised as a music success blog. You know what I'm talking about. I've decided to cut the BS and give it to you straight. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. I haven't figured out how to be a successful music artist, but I'm going to die trying. Hopefully my adventures and struggles will help you. Maybe you can help me. We're gonna make it.