From Focus Comes Creations

By John Kyle / October 27, 2016

Today I created a song demo.

This is the first thing I’ve recorded in over a year. I did this because today I chose to focus on the most important thing instead of all the other things that surround it – the distractions, the doubting, the resistance, the messing about on Twitter, err… I mean music marketing.

I just went ahead and recorded some tracks in my noisy basement with people and dogs making noise above. I’ve lived here for months and told myself it was too loud down here and just not going to work for a home studio. Well, take a listen to this:

You can’t tell my vocals weren’t done in an isolation booth. The noise was at a level to just be lost in the mix, and in fact, may have added very subtle atmospherics to the mix.

My daughter has a guitar and has just been recording into her phone, and then putting tracks together on her laptop in Audacity, a free audio editor. Her songs sound great, and she’s been more musically productive in the past month than I’ve been in the past two years.

I told her tonight she had inspired me to just make music, and not wait until conditions are “perfect,” which they’ll never be, until you just jump in and start creating. Creating something is perfectly awesome compares to doing nothing.

So many things keep us from doing the one thing we need to be focusing on, right now. For me, that’s writing, recording and performing songs. But now that I’ve got that done, I feel OK with knocking off this post. If I had started working on a blog article earlier, I would never have recorded the demo you hear above.

Focus on the thing you want most. Me, I want to be a music artist. What about you?


– John

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