How To Write – The Simple Secret of Good Writers

By John Kyle / August 28, 2015

Writing something, a blog post, essay, paper, page, chapter or entire book is much easier than most people realize. It’s simply a matter of making a list.

  • Make a list of 3 or more things you want to say
  • Write three sentences about each thing on the list.
  • Read it back to yourself out loud.
  • Good enough? You’re done.
  • Not quite? Fix it. Now you’re done.
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just done.

Repeat this process. You can write new, short things like blog posts, articles, or short stories. If you’re writing a longer work, start with a list describing the main things you want to say in your entire piece. Then take each item on this list and make a list of three things you want to say about it. Then take each item on that list and make a list of three things you want to say about it. And so on until you’ve listed everything you want to say. Then turn these list items into sentences. That’s it.

How to “fix it?” Usually, things need to be removed, not added. Look for words and phrases that are just taking up space but not really saying anything absolutely necessary. An example is the word “really” in the prior sentence. Remove them. Think of the reader. Is there a part that needs more detail or clarification to be fully understood? Add another sentence or two. Trust your own inner reader to let you know whether something doesn’t seem right and how to fix it. You’ll get better at this the more you write (and read.)

Now that you know how easy writing is, keep writing. To be a good writer, all you have to do is keep writing. That’s the secret.

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