Rock Star Gear

People, places and things that have helped me on the Rock Star Path


  • BandPosters – Get your posters designed, printed, and shipped directly to the venues you’re playing. Full color digital, 11″x17″ on #80 cover heavyweight paper, full bleed. You won’t find anything higher quality without shelling out for screen printing or letterpress. 15 bucks gets you 5 posters per show, including shipping directly to the venue.

Website and Mailing List

  • SiteGround – Forget BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy. Siteground is the fastest, most problem-free,  hands-down best web host I’ve ever used, and I know what I’m talking about – I’ve been in the web dev game for over 20 years.
  • Sumo – Ask visitors to get on your list with this great set of tools for your site.
  • OptimizePress – This is how they create all of those great-looking landing/marketing pages you see all over.

Music Career Success

  • Musicprenuer Apprentice Program – I’ve purchased other music success/marketing courses and coaching programs but they’ve gathered dust. This one is different. Before I knew it, I was taking action and getting results. I think that’s the difference. Actionable ideas that pay off right away. In a matter of days, I was connecting directly with fans, existing and new, in ways I had not imagined or thought I would do anytime soon. I hardly noticed I was going beyond my comfort zone because Carlos is so personable, helpful and brilliant that his challenges are actually more fun than anything. I’ve been following him for a while and decided to give his program a try – I’m not only happy, I think he’s not charging enough! Get in before he takes my advice!
  • Music Marketing Classroom – This library of instructional videos shows you how to go from making nothing from your music to a profitable career. The instructor is rather entertaining, and that’s a good thing!
  • Six-Figure Musician – How to sell more music, get more people to your shows, and make more money in the music business. This book is about music marketing, but in many ways, it’s as much about psychology and what gets people to take action.

Social Media

  • TubeBuddy – The premier YouTube channel management toolkit. Useful bulk processing tools cut editing and management time.
  • Sniply – This incredible tool lets you include a sign-up opportunity within every piece of content you share across social media.


  • Roger Burnley’s Singing Made Simple – Roger has a unique gift for healing and developing the voice. He’s worked with Grammy-winning artists, but he gives the same attention and care to all of his students, including me. Roger is so friendly, engaging and genuine – he’s honestly a joy and a blessing to work with. His instruction is full of techniques – almost magic tricks – that allow your voice to become free, powerful, and expressive. Highly recommended!
  • Bret Manning’s Singing Success – This is a slick professional series with great information, exercises, and coaches. A little too slick for me, to be honest.
  • Aaron Anastasi’s Superior Singing Method – This is a good program for beginners, an an 8-week program designed to make the most of your time investment.


  • WorkFlowy can be used to simply take notes or organize your entire life. I can’t put it into words. Just try it. At first it seems very simple, but once you start using the tags and nested structure… it’s infinitely useful.
  • Scrivener – If you write more than a couple of paragraphs a day you will love this application. It has so many features that it can be confusing. I recommend doing what I did – buy the Learn Scrivener Fast course by Joseph Michael. This course will make you a Scrivener Ninja in no time. Each “lesson” is just a couple of minutes. I blasted through them and am flying with Scrivener now!

Distribution and Collaborating

  • Dropbox – Want to send your demos and videos studios, labels or publishing companies? Everyone in the music industry uses Dropbox for file sharing, mainly because everyone else uses it. If you don’t, better start!