More Than Just Guitar Lessons…


Can you imagine how awesome it would feel to...

  • Play your favorite songs on guitar?
  • Write and play your own original songs?
  • Learn to sing and play with CONFIDENCE?
  • Perform for your friends, and... your fans?

    Did you answer "YES" to any of the questions above?

    John Kyle

    John Kyle

    ​I'm so happy you are here! ​I'm John Kyle - a music artist and mentor. I will teach you to be a "rock star!" 

    At age 14, I learned my first musical instrument: the electric bass guitar. Working out the bass lines of my favorite songs, and later playing in rhythm sections alongside drummers gave me a rock-solid grounding in the foundations of music. I fell in love with music, and soon learned to play guitar and sing. I started writing songs on the guitar and performing them live. Now I've been playing and performing for over 25 years, and I want to help YOU become a great player, songwriter and performer. 

    Music has blessed me throughout my life, and I love guiding people along the musical path. I especially enjoy helping beginners get beyond the initial learning curve that causes so many to give up on their dream.

    I'll help you over that learning curve with a few of your favorite songs. Soon you'll be able to play these, and also to learn and even write new songs on your on your own! With the focus on having fun, the fundamentals are easy!

    Whatever your age, style and goals, I'll customize your lessons for the path you want to follow. I can teach you:​

    • Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and electric bass guitar
    • How to sing and play at the same time!
    • How to write and record your own original songs!
    • How to perform with confidence!

    John Kyle Live at Old Ironsides, Sacramento - May 30th, 2015

    More than just a guitar lesson...

    In addition to A FULL HOUR private lesson at my home studio, you get:

    • A live video check-in each week!
    • UNLIMITED email check-ins!
    • Not just a guitar teacher, but a Rock Star Mentor!

    I have a limited number of open slots, so grab a 4-pack now!

    Rock Star Lessons 4-Pack

    Four Weekly 50-minute Lessons

    • One 20-minute live video check-in each week!
    • Unlimited email check-ins. I'm here to help you!


    - or - 

    Call (916) 436-1992

    Leave a detailed message and I'll call you back ASAP.

    You can also send me an email using my contact form.

    The Not-So-Small Print:

    • ​Lessons must be purchased in blocks of four, paid and scheduled in advance.
    • For all my live lessons, students pay for scheduled lessons whether they come to the lesson or not. I don't allow makeup lessons or give credits for any lessons missed by the student. This is to honor both my time, your fellow students, and your commitment to excellence. 

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