Silver Linings Can Be Golden

By John Kyle / November 22, 2016

So here’s a silver-lining story. After yet another try at full-time music, I had to once again take a day job to make ends meet. It’s actually a night job – at a call center taking phone orders for a well-known retailer here in Maine (cough*LL Bean).

So of course part of me is wallowing in the frustration and, yes, I’ll admit, humiliation – me, the great undiscovered artist reduced to such a mundane existence. Yet again failing to get over and falling back into a huge time/energy suck preventing me from fulfilling my destiny. You all know this one, hum along.

So, two unexpected silver linings happened. One, I found that taking phone orders, in my best customer service manner, is actually great practice for performing – dealing with stage fright, learning to improv banter and connect with people. Callers have commented on my soothing FM radio voice :) So I am treating my overnight job as a sort of performing practice.

The other thing that happened is that one of my co-workers turned out to be a local music artist who’s established in the scene. She hosts a monthly songwriters’ round, and invited me to play last weekend! And even better, at a venue I have dreamed of playing since I moved to town last year.

It went really well! My super-fans (wife and daughter) said they never heard me sound so good and seem so relaxed and present on stage. Was it the atmosphere? I like to think my nightly performance practice paid off!

So, all because I had to “compromise” with a day job and take a “detour” on my road to music success, I found myself farther ahead than I expected to be at this point. I made some great music scene and fan connections, and gave my best performance ever – at my dream venue!

Take a look!

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